The educational centre

The educational centre in the monastery of Roggenburg focuses on the following areas: family, environment, and culture.

Its intentions in these areas are:




  • to strengthen man, women, and children in their personality and identity
  • to support interpersonal companionship
  • to offer help for education



  • to accompany people in their experiences of nature and the environment
  • to develop an understanding of the complexity of the ecological process
  • to stimulate a willingness to act in a manner which is compatible with the environment



  • to lead people to a genuine understanding of history
  • to develop artistic talents
  • to foster cultural identity and variety


The centre especially aims at the following groups of people

  • families with small children
  • parents, children, youngsters, and elderly people all together
  • social and religious groups and organizations
  • educators, teachers, catechists, etc., for their continuing process of learning


Scheme of programs offered

  • courses of further education for all people
  • courses of advisory service and consultation
  • courses in the form of study groups and teams
  • courses lasting one day or several days (with overnight accommodation)


The buildings of the education centre are constructed where the foundation for the economy buildings of the historical monastery once lay. Overnight accommodation for 120 persons is possible and there are special rooms for various subjects and activities (e. g. for children, environment, meditation, leisure-time, artistic and creative work, exhibitions, etc.). Special attention is given to family friendliness and the application of cutting-edge environment technologies.This education centre is under the authority and responsibility of the monastery, the districts of Swabia and Neu-Ulm, and the local authority of Roggenburg.